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Automatic Bill Payment

Pay automatically from your bank account.  This avoids delinquency and streamlines our processing as well.  Just print out the ACH form, fill it out and provide us with a voided blank check. Hassle free!


Cam Wal Electric Cooperative offers the latest technology to help you manage your electric account 24/7 by computer or smartphone with a free online application called SmartHub.

Electric Heat--Make sure your heat meter is turned on this winter

Heating season is upon us and if you heat your home or businesses with electricity, it means you likely have two meters-one to measure your normal usage and another to measure just the electricity used for heating.

Electricity used for heating is measured separately because it is sold at a reduced rate.- about half of the normal rate. Cam Wal is able to charge less for electricity used for heating because we receive a lower rate from our power producer, Basin Electric Power Cooperative. The heating rate lasts from October 1 to April 30. If your heat meter is registering electricity that mean you are saving money. During the heat seaon, make sure that your meter is not switched off in you electric panel. You can check to see if your meter is on by looking a the meter register, if it is lit up, it will be working.


If you are planning on doing any digging around your home or business, state law requires that you contact the Call 811 at least two working days before you dig.

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